11 Inspiring Quotes on Hospitality

When you travel a lot, you learn a lot about hospitality. It’s a necessity when you’re away from home. Because when you’re not supplying your own food and shelter, you’re relying on someone else to do so.

Between Scott and I, we’ve traveled to six continents and I-don’t-know-how-many countries, and while there are many differences between there and here, the underlying concept of what we consider good hospitality is pretty much the same. Kindness, service, and joy in the sharing of good things with others. The more we travel, the more I want to bring that feeling into our house when we host friends and family, the more I want to treat them with the kindness that we’ve experienced.

There are dozens of quotes out there that come to mind when I think about that hospitality, but just to get us all inspired, here are eleven of my favorites. I hope you enjoy!

11 Inspiring Quotes on Hospitality

It’s incredibly hard to be mad at someone when you’re sitting around a table breaking bread with them, or once you’re full and happy after a wonderful meal.

We can help so many people we couldn’t reach otherwise by showing them a little bit of charity, especially when it involves a good meal.

What nicer or more meaningful gift can you give a person?

To add on another wonderful quote, anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Disregard if you’re out to be the next Martha Stewart. Pay attention if you really just want to show your guests a good time.

One of the many reasons we love you, Julia!

Because in the end, it’s not about the food and the lodging. It’s about being together.

Any cook can tell you that it isn’t the fanciest ingredients or serveware that make the meal good. It’s the love and care you infuse into it when you cook.

In troubled times, we need each other, not to fight each other.

I knew I liked you, Tony.

Who is your best you? The you that you try to be when doing good for others.

What inspires you to be more hospitable? What have you learned about hospitality on your travels?


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