Our Wish List from Target’s New Project 62 Brand

When we overhauled the Aloha House in Hawaii, we did it on a very definite budget. We managed to get actual hardwood floors and reclaimed wood for our feature wall, marble tiles for the bathroom, and more great features, but a lot of it was contractor overstock and construction leftovers that we had to really work and prep to make useable. And a lot of our furniture and decor came from Target.

With the Big Brick House in Virginia, we’ve made a lot of our furniture out of solid hardwoods but we got an added infusion of great stuff from my in-laws when they downsized, and my parents gifted us with an absolutely gorgeous table.

I know, I know, what’s the problem? The problem, or so we thought, with having nice things in your house is that anything we bought from our old favorite affordable suppliers just wouldn’t fit anymore. I mean, it would look like we were cutting corners, right? Wrong!

This is one of the many reasons we love Target. Target’s design team rolls out great affordable pieces that, when used smartly, blend right in with high end pieces! Their brand new Project 62 lineup is perfect for mixing in with your high-end, or for just making your home look high-end. Its primary focus is mid-century modern, but there’s a lot of great things in there for all of us.

Here are some of our favorite finds from their new lineup. We’ve picked these things the way we pick our other design elements – with a priority on versatile function and simple but elegant form – and we could definitely see using these items in the Big Brick House. You may see some of them around in future posts!



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