Welcome to the Club!

Welcome to the Grape Soda Club!

Hi and thanks for stopping by! The Grape Soda Club is our food and travel blog that helps us capture the adventures and culinary explorations we’ve made, both around our hometowns and around the world. We hope to show you not just ways to travel, but ways to feel like you’re traveling in your hometown and in your own kitchen as well.

We started our original blog here as a way to keep friends and family members updated on our wedding plans, and then as a way to share our travels, and eventually, it became a storehouse for the recipes and lifestyle ideas we came across while traveling and wanted to bring into our own home. And that’s what you’ll find around here still. Travel and adventures both at home and abroad, and, without a doubt, a whole lot of good food!

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy The Grape Soda Club!

Home State Adventures

See what we’ve learned about each of our home states – and what those states have taught us about traveling, food, and living!

Food Philosophy

There are a hundred times where this almost became just a food blog. All food all the time. Not just because we’re foodies and Kristin has spent as much of her life in restaurants as in her regular day job, but because food, no matter where we travel or where we live, is one of the most beautiful ways we can share with one another.

There is nothing that can bring people together like gathering at a full table and taking the time to sit down and actually communicate with one another. We believe that learning about a place’s food is as important as anything else we might see there.

Our hope is to share our food with you virtually, through pictures and recipes, and hope that across the distance we can break bread together!

About Kristin

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, California

Here at the Blog: Writing, photography, recipe creation.

Hobbies: Cooking, lots of running, and enjoying a nice glass of wine!

Favorite Adventure: Hiking the Mendenhall Glacier

Favorite Food: Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon

About Scott

Hometown: Long Valley, New Jersey

Here at the Blog: Photography, videography, DIY project tutorials.

Hobbies: Video games, woodworking, and a glass of tawny port!

Favorite Adventure: Sunrise at Mount Haleakala

Favorite Food: Seared Steak with Butter and Herbs

Why the Grape Soda Club? 

Our founding authors here are big Disney fans. Okay, crazy Disney fans. Okay, somewhat rabid Disney fans. They were married at Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort and invited Mickey to the reception. So when a love of all things Disney and all things adventure collide, what better inspiration do you need, for travel, life, and love, than Carl and Ellie from Disney’s Up?

We’re happy you’re here!