You Must Go On Adventures to Find Out Where You Belong…


Adventuring out into the world, beyond the space of your normal routine, utterly and completely changes your perspective and gives you new eyes with which to see the world. So what happens when you find a place that you want to keep traveling to? What happens when you find a place that starts to feel like home? What if you want to set down roots?

We believe that finding a place to bloom and grow doesn’t mean you stop adventuring. Instead, we believe that having been on adventures helps you better sink your roots.

We believe in taking everything you’ve learned from travel – of discovering the tastes, smells, stories, music, and history that makes up a new place or a new culture – and using it to build or join communities, listen, learn, create, connect, and bloom in the place where you’ve planted yourself.

We’re Kristin and Scott. In the eight years since we met, we’ve moved from Hawaii to Florida and Virginia, to Tarrytown and then to Highland Falls, New York, were married in Florida, moved to Hawaii, and finally, moved to Virginia, where we’re showing signs of sinking some roots.

We started this blog originally to share our adventures and stories with family and friends. Now, it’s becoming our place to merge a love of exploring with sinking those roots, and using what we learned traveling to find better ways to connect with the place you’ve decided to call home. We share tips and tricks for having local adventures, getting familiar with a community, finding the things that make you want to call a place home, and creating beautiful things and food in the home you’ve chosen.

We’re happy you’re here, and hope you enjoy the Grape Soda Club!


Hometown: San Luis Obispo, California

Here at the Blog: Writing, photography, recipe creation, home decor and design.

Hobbies: Cooking, lots of running, and enjoying a nice glass of wine!

Favorite Adventure: Hiking the Mendenhall Glacier

Favorite Food: Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon


Hometown: Long Valley, New Jersey

Here at the Blog: Photography, videography, home and landscape design.

Hobbies: Video games, woodworking, and a glass of tawny port!

Favorite Adventure: Sunrise at Mount Haleakala

Favorite Food: Seared Steak with Butter and Herbs

Why the Grape Soda Club? 

Our founding authors here are big Disney fans. Okay, crazy Disney fans. They were married at Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort and invited Mickey to the reception. So when a love of all things Disney and a spirit of adventure collide, what better inspiration do you need, for home, life, and love, than Carl and Ellie from Disney’s Up?

Happy exploring!