About Us

This is a blog about creating the home you want through DIY projects and savvy financial choices, with a few recipes and adventures thrown in.

We’re Kristin and Scott. In the eight years since we met, we’ve moved from Hawaii to Florida, to Virginia, and to New York, we were married in Florida, moved back to Hawaii, and finally, moved back to Virginia, where we’re showing signs of sinking some roots. At least for the time being!

So far, we’ve completely renovated two houses {we’ve just shared The Aloha House here}, have helped a lot of friends design and build new furniture, decor, or even rooms in their houses, and are working on upgrading our third, which we lovingly call The Big Brick House. In the process, we’ve learned a lot about life, love, and community – and some great ways to turn a house into a home.

We love cooking, restaurants, food festivals, flea markets, and just about anything outdoors, so you’re sure to see a lot of that around here, too! We’re happy you’re here!

Why the Grape Soda Club? 

We are huge fans of all things Disney {it’s not a far jump from building your dream home to building your happy ever after}. We were married at Disney World, brought together by a mutual love for adventure, and now building our lives around the idea of building a home together. And what better inspiration do you need for that than Carl and Ellie from Disney’s Up?



By day, Kristin is an operations research analyst for the U.S. Army, where she gets to fulfill her passion for solving problems and making things run more efficiently. She does the same with her home and furniture designs, blending form and function together with a focus on creating rooms that are practical, functional, and set the stage for the life you want to create.

When she’s not analyzing data or building furniture, you can find her in the kitchen, creating delicious recipes!



Scott splits his time between his landscape architecture degree and creating CGI visual effects for TV shows and movies. Lately, he’s found the perfect blend of those through creating interactive digital walkthroughs for new construction and landscape projects. He loves creating beautiful, vibrant spaces with plenty of color throughout all seasons.

When Scott isn’t creating designs, he’s creating sawdust. He’s been a passionate woodworker for several years, and continues to hone his craft with projects throughout The Big Brick House.


Welcome to the Club!