Alexandria :: La Fromagerie

Alexandria :: La Fromagerie

With Scott working in Old Town Alexandria these days, we’ve had a lot of fun exploring the area around where he works. I could seriously get lost all day just poking around in the various antique and specialty item stores or tasting amazing things in the various gourmet shops. There’s a fudge shop that’s to die for, an oil and vinegar store that also deals in the most amazing local honey, an amazing cupcake shop, and more.

But the one place we really wanted to try from day one, and have fallen in love with every time we’ve been back, has been La Fromagerie.

On his first day of work, Scott called me and said, “There’s a wine and cheese shop in my neighborhood! We have to try this!”

Twist my arm and threaten me with a good time. So sure enough, we wandered in to see what they had on their menu and to figure out what the place was all about.

La Fromagerie is a cozy little cafe that specializes in, you guessed it, cheese plates and wine tastings. They offer a full dinner menu as well, but so far, we haven’t made it past their happy hour, where we’ve filled up on gorgeous cheese, meat, and local fruit and vegetable combinations along with some pretty amazing wines!

They’re a farm-to-shop establishment in the best of ways. Chef and owner Sebastien Tavel designs his seasonal menus around the ingredients he can bring in from local farmers and suppliers. The wines, mostly French, come from all over the place, but the shop still focuses on wine produced by small, boutique vineyards. They offer about 20 or so wines by the glass, by bottle, or by tasting flight, but as you can see from the beautiful wall of wine up there, they offer over 200 bottles of hand selected wines from all over the globe.

The best way to get started around here, or at least how we got started, is by diving into the menu of meat and cheese board options paired with one {or more} of the tasty happy hour wine offerings.

You can choose from three cheese board options – three items at $18, five items at $29, and ten items at $54. Before you start balking at the prices, the item sizes are generous and they come with an assortment of dried fruit, house-made chutney, toasted bread, and whatever other goodies the chef decides to add to the platter. We seriously fill up on these boards, to the point where we might have had intentions of sticking around for dinner earlier but filled up on cheese and meat instead.

This is what our five-item board looked like:

For this one, we chose the prosciutto and wild boar salami, the St. Stephen triple cream cow cheese, the Mountaineer alpine-style cow cheese, and the Goat Cheddar. The board also came with slices of apple, pickled beets, dried apricots, dried figs, and Gherkins, those sour little Mexican cucumbers that add just the bit of lemony zip and crisp crunch you need between bites.

For $2, you can add crackers or the local honey. Trust me, the local honey is awesome, especially when you pair it with the St. Stephen on the apple slice.

We’ve taken my mom and my sister here when they’ve visited, and they’re all fans. My sister isn’t a wine drinker, but they had more than enough non-alcoholic options to keep her happy, too! My mom and husband and I, however, made up for her lack of wine drinking during our visit.

We’re hoping to make it back in soon to pick up a bottle of tawny port for Scott, and maybe then we’ll save enough room for dinner. There’s a chestnut taguatelle and a squid ink risotto that are both on my wish-list to try before the menu changes!

La Fromagerie Cheese + Wine Bistro

  • 1222 King Street, Alexandria VA 22314
  • Typically open 11:30 am – 9:00 pm Wednesday through Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday
  • Happy hour Wednesday through Friday, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm (5$ house wines)
  • Perfect if you want something light and local
  • For more information, call 703-879-2467 or click here

It’s amazing what you can find just wandering around out here. There are so many great eateries and shops to discover. But you can bet even though we’re going to be exploring more here in Alexandria, we will definitely be returning to La Fromagerie!

How about you guys? How would you build the perfect cheese board?

  • I LOVE a good cheese plate, especially when it includes wild boar salami. We’ve got a great place down here in Richmond, and they have it sometimes and it is incredible.

    • It was so good!! I’m also a huge fan of the prosciutto and the duck they have here. And they pair everything so well for the boards!