The Aloha House Wine + Coffee Bar

Coffee is kind of a way of life as far as my family is concerned. We’re half-Swedish. Yes, all of us. My mom and my dad both had one Swedish immigrant parent and one All American parent {which translates to a lovely complicated mixture that I’ll itemize one of these days, whenever I get my hand on the family genealogies}, so my sisters and I are still half-Swedish. So why does that matter? The average Swedish citizen drinks at least four cups of coffee a day.


It’s been fun to see how the love of a good coffee and getting together – along with leaving your shoes outside and other traditions I once thought of as Swedish – are also prevalent through Hawaii. Locally grown coffee is in high demand throughout the world, and thanks to the fertile volcanic soil, is absolutely delicious.

We’ve been lucky enough to have the Green World Coffee Farm about fifteen minutes up the road from us, and we love stopping in to get some fresh coffee on our way to the North Shore – and we always pick up beans to brew at home. But up until now, we haven’t had a place to sip at home.

Whether or not we have a coffee maker – or several – isn’t a question in our house. The question is usually where to put it. And as tiny as our kitchen is, I definitely don’t want people stumbling over each other when they’re trying to get their morning coffee – or stumbling over me while I’m making breakfast. Our solution is putting the coffee bar right in the breakfast area!

In the finished house, it’s a perfect accompaniment to our bistro table and fills in the space we had left over after we built our pantry cabinet next to the kitchen. Originally we had everything centered and the shelves were longer, but I wanted to start you out with how everything looks.

Our greatest find was the combination wine and coffee console table we rescued from the back storeroom at the Navy Exchange’s furniture store. It was 75% off its original price because it had a few dings and one of the doors had been pulled off its hinges. With a couple Minwax blend-fil pencils, some poly, and a new set of hinges, we had that console table ready to go!

Let’s look at some of the original photos…

And here’s how I’ve got it styled currently…

It’s just a great piece. It’s amazing what you can find in the back room of a furniture store, and how easy it can be to salvage. My favorite part? That it’s got a built in charging station, so we can charge our phones here out of sight and plug in the coffee pot and Nespresso machine, too!

But that was only part of it. We told you a while ago about our reclaimed mahogany, right? Well, we had a couple of pieces left. We bought some decorative shelf brackets from Home Depot, stained and poly’ed the shelves, and stuck them up over the console table. We drilled holes and added hooks on the bottom for mugs and added some mounting brackets for our wine glasses.


Well, not totally done. I also picked up some used burlap coffee bean bags from Green World, the same they used to upholster their chairs in the coffee shop, with the intent of sprucing up our own coffee bar and dining area a little bit. We bought the chairs and table off Craig’s List and while they’re in great condition, they needed to be reupholstered.

I think this definitely did the trick.

Both of these spots are still works in progress {so please ignore the extra piles of stuff around!}, but gradually the house is getting there! I’m amazed at how much we’ve been able to accomplish over the past year, with limited budgets and busy schedules of work and travel!

What do you guys think of our little coffee retreat?


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