The Coffee Bar at the Big Brick House

The Coffee Bar at the Big Brick House

Coffee is a major food group in our house. Scott and I enjoy a cup or two together before heading to work, and I like having a post-dinner cup to prevent pasta coma. And when my family is visiting? We almost need two coffee pots going. Never mess with Swedes and their coffee.

When we first moved in, I had a coffee station set up in the kitchen, and it was a disaster. No matter where I put it, I couldn’t find room for it where people wouldn’t be tripping over each other – or over me while I was making breakfast – trying to get their first cuppa. Bad kitchen design notwithstanding, we knew we were going to have to find another solution.

In the Aloha House, using a media cabinet we rescued, some extra wood and brackets for shelves, and some ingenuity, we built a separate coffee bar outside the kitchen. We figured that would be just as good of a solution in the Big Brick House.

I thought at first about building something in, or potentially getting a cabinet and building in shelves like we had in the Aloha House. However, we don’t know what our kitchen configuration is going to look like once we overhaul it. It might be the same, or it might actually have room for a coffee station. So we went for a large cabinet that would 1) suit our needs for a coffee bar and 2) be transitional between the kitchen and the space that is now a music room and sitting room.

I drooled over this French Display Cabinet from Kathy Kuo Home, but while it’s beautiful, there was just no way I could justify this kind of expense. I was also really inspired by this gorgeous Cabinet set from The Classy Cottage and the Dutch Industrial collection from Restoration Hardware. Same problem. Gorgeous, but too expensive, especially when it’s a potentially temporary transition piece.

So I did what I always do when all the places I love to look at furniture designs don’t fit my budget, but I still want to get something that’s good quality and similar in look and feel.

I went to World Market.

The Emerson Shelf unit had the industrial metal and wood mixture I was looking for with its combo of acacia wood and powder coated steel. It was sturdy, functional, beautiful, and on sale, and cost me $299.99. It’s currently on sale right now. {Disclaimer: This is not an affiliate link, and I get nothing if you go buy this beautiful piece. I just love mine and when I went to look for it, I found a sale!}

Here’s what we did with it::

We took out the uppermost shelf to make room for our coffee machines – our loyal Krupps which brews up a tasty pot each morning and our Nespresso, which we reserve for cappucinos, caramel macchiatos, and a just plain fancy cup of coffee that doesn’t cost $4 at a coffee shop. Then we added a bunch of small multipurpose hooks for mugs.

A little decor {mostly HomeGoods, this cheery morning greeting from Jimmy Don of “Fixer Upper” fame at Magnolia Market} and some space for all our Nespresso pods, and a wine barrel basket I found at HomeGoods that the cats absolutely adore {we gave up trying to keep them out of it and we just leave a blanket in there for them to curl up in}, and the piece was complete!

This sign cheers me up whenever I see it::

Thanks, Jimmy Don!

The decor around here is still evolving, and I move a lot of things on and off this shelf as I try to figure out how best to show it off in our space. Our house is so not styled compared to some of the decorating blogs I follow. But it’s ours and it’s cozy and we love it just the same.

One of the things I really do love is this set of and wood and marble letters and the Mr. & Mrs. sign we found at HomeGoods. We’ve had to stage so many places to show or sell that it’s nice to decorate a spot that’s just for us – and this is one of a few in our house right now.

What do you think of our coffee bar temporary solution?