Currently :: October

Currently :: October

Hello, friends, and welcome, October.

We are definitely ready for a season of cooling off, and we’re hoping more cools off than the weather. The world is crazy right now. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Catastrophic hurricanes. Not to mention the violence last night in Las Vegas. It hurts the heart to see so many people in danger and losing everything, and on top of that, people being divisive instead of helping. We are so grateful to see all the people who are gathering together to help, whether through putting boots on the ground to physically help or raising money for charity, or sometimes just raising their voices on social media to remind folks that it’s not hunky dory pumpkin spice bliss for a very big part of the world right now, and that people need help.

Having worked crisis management and disaster relief the three years I was in Hawaii, I can tell you that initial relief efforts for the hurricanes are quick and make a lot of difference, but recovery takes time. Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Texas, and more will need our help and our good thoughts for some time.

In this season of gratitude, I ask that we remember the people who are hurting, who may have lost everything, and could use some help. In times of trouble, when you have more than you need, you build a bigger table. Obviously, we support Team Rubicon as one of our favorite charities, but we are looking to expand our list. If you have a charity to recommend during this season, please let us know.

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to…


  • Cooking: I finally got around to sharing our favorite chicken recipe to date – my butter garlic chicken. We’re moving into fall food territory along with pumpkin and apple picking expeditions, so I also shared my kabocha pumpkin crostini and maple apple tartlets! We haven’t had cold enough weather for firepits and s’mores recipes, but I’m hoping that will change this month.
  • Exploring: Scott started working on King Street this month, so we’ve been having a great time exploring stores and restaurants near his office. Old Town Alexandria has so much to offer and we’re looking forward to sharing some of what we’ve found.
  • Building: This month, we decided we needed to get started on our mudroom entry and try to get that done before the weather comes. We started with our entryway built-in bench and absolutely love how it turned out. This month we’ll be replacing the tile, painting, and finishing a couple other details to call that room done and ready for fall and winter welcomes.
  • Decorating: I swore up and down I wasn’t going to be a seasonal decorator. But I found some amazingly good deals at HomeGoods, World Market, and Michael’s, and shared how those deals turned into our fall table and mantel. We might bring out a few of our Halloween things this month, but that’s probably going to be the extent of our seasonal decorating. So I say now. We’ll see how that works out…
  • Training: We’re gearing up for the Army Ten Miler this month, but since Scott started working outside the house, our training together has taken a hit. We are trying to figure out a good time to get him out running. However, between that and one of my knees acting up, we have decided that we’ll still run for charity, but we’re downgrading from the Marine Corps Marathon to the 10K. Am I sad I won’t have double digit marathons completed? Yes. Relieved also? Definitely.
  • Reading: The Flavor Bible has become my favorite new cooking reference. The book is all about the different combinations of flavor and how mixing ingredients in particular ways increases their flavor potential. Consider it your Rand McNally Atlas for Flavor Town.
  • Loving: Home. This little spot of ours in Virginia really feels like home. And we’re trying to get out there and plug into the community to see what we can do to bring a little more good to this crazy world. Right now, Habitat for Humanity work is at the top of our list, but we’re also looking for turkey drives and other holiday charities to participate in {hint, hint: if you’re in the NoVA area and know of charity efforts we can talk about or get involved in, please let us know!}.

I think the whole feeling of home here is why I’m feeling so heartsick for the people who have lost everything – because I think I finally understand what it feels like to feel at home. I can’t say it better than The Hobbit. I think once you figure out where you belong, you understand what it really means to lose that. So, like Bilbo, we just want to help, if we can.

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As always, please let us know what you enjoy and what other content you’d like to see here!

So how about you guys? What’s on your agenda for October?

  • Man, every time I’m in HomeGoods, Michael’s, or World Market, I feel like I missed my calling for interior decorating. Lucky for me, my apartment is too tiny for seasonal decorating, but when I get a house…it’s going to be hard to resist going full Martha Stewart.

    • That’s been our biggest problem since we moved from our tiny townhouse in Hawaii to our house here in Virginia – we actually have ROOM now for all the things! I donated most of my fun money this month to various charities, and that’s had the added benefit of keeping me from acquiring all the fall stuff.

  • I’ll be running the Army Ten Miler on Sunday as well – it’s one of my favorite races and I’m glad to get to do it again this year after being deployed last year. It’s just not the same running it in Kuwait.

    • Definitely not the same! I ran it once when I was in Iraq and about died from the heat, even though we started at about 4 am! Best of luck on the race, and maybe we’ll see you out there! Except we’ll be hanging out at the back of the pack 😀