Fall Table + Mantel at the Big Brick House

Fall Table + Mantel at the Big Brick House

It’s finally fall! We’re definitely ready for the Virginia humidity to give way to cooler weather, which looks like it’s going to happen over the next week. Although the cool weather and thunderstorms on our forecast, which we’re looking forward to, are a sober reminder of the devastation the hurricanes where these cold fronts began wrought through the Caribbean.

In times like this, I’m grateful to be participating in many organizations dedicated to responding to disasters like this and providing relief. I think it’s much easier to be watching all this happen when you know there are many, many men and women hard at work making sure generators, food, blankets, and other supplies, and hard-charging rescue responders get loaded up and shipped out to those who need the help. Help is on the way.

In the meantime, it’s hard coming back from those planning sessions to a world apart from the devastation. It’s surreal talking about fall decor and home improvement projects and things when I just feel sometimes like we should kiss the ground beneath us and be grateful our lives are what they are.

“When you have more than you need, don’t build a higher wall – build a longer table.”

As we ease into the season of gratitude and holiday sharing, this phrase resonates with me more than ever. We are preparing to roll out the holiday table more times this fall than we ever have before, and looking forward to sharing good food and good times with as many people as we can. So we thought we’d show you how we prep our table at the Big Brick House.

I’ve made a lot of dry runs setting our fall table for one simple and functional reason – to make sure we’ve got enough plates, silverware, and accessories to feed everyone that we want to feed and that nothing’s broken or chipped or otherwise in need of replacement. As I’m doing that, though, it’s fun to experiment with decor and ideas, all to set the stage for the gathering.

Our table, compared to some, is simple. The color scheme we used will stretch us through autumn and works well for everything from Halloween to Christmas. We have a simple glass and stem centerpiece on a tray that makes it easy to move if we need more room for food, but also gives us space to put odds and ends, like oil and vinegar, that we don’t want to have sit directly on the table or runner. We used a lot of wood, glass, and white, much as we did through the rest of the house, with pops of red for fun.

We used two different table settings, one for the eight side seats and one for the two end seats, to work around only having eight settings of a particular dish set. We have plenty of functional dishes, so I didn’t want to buy more just to have them match, not when I had plates that would fit the scheme.

Here are the side place settings.

And here are the end place settings.

We chose muted but colored faux blossoms for the centerpiece that I think will work not just for autumn but throughout the year. That doesn’t mean I won’t change them out for some real branches now and then or maybe add in some other colors, but for now, they’re gorgeous.

As a bonus bit of decoration, we actually did a fall mantel. We swapped out the wine bottles and stems we displayed before with some pillar candles on distressed white candlesticks and china pumpkins emblazoned with “give thanks” on small wooden pillar candle holders.

Just so you know, some of the links here are affiliate links – which means if you buy a piece from this link, you will not spend anything more but we may make a little bit of money. Thank you for supporting the Grape Soda Club!

Here’s the full source rollup for the decor we used here::

For the table::

  • Barcelona jars – HomeGoods
  • Cherry stems – Michael’s {similar}
  • Wine barrel tray – HomeGoods
  • Stackable oil and vinegar jars – Williams Sonoma {similar}
  • Table Runner – HomeGoods
  • Placemats – HomeGoods
  • Rattan plate chargers – World Market
  • Gordon Ramsay Maze white plate sets – Target
  • Red and white plate sets – HomeGoods
  • Napkins – World Market
  • Turned wood salt and pepper grinders – request at Coast2Coast Woodworking
  • Acacia cheese platter – Target {similar}
  • Table – crafted by Erik Organic
  • Table benches – crafted by Erik Organic
  • Side chairs – Wayfair
  • End chairs – Wayfair

For the mantel::

  • “Give Thanks” pumpkins – Michael’s
  • Pillar candle stands – Michael’s {stained in Minwax Red Mahogany}
  • Candlesticks – Michael’s tall and short {painted in Behr Ultra Pure White and distressed}
  • Whale wine bottle stand – souvenir from Alaska {similar}
  • Wine bottle cork holder – HomeGoods
  • Wooden carved cat – souvenir from Maui {similar}
  • Wood-burned travel map – here’s how we made it
  • Small foam pumpkins and gourds – Amazon

We’ve had our ten-foot table from Erik Organic for almost a year now and love it more than ever. It has hosted tons of gatherings of family and friends, even in a much less dressed up form, and we are very happy to present it fully dressed.

Do you guys do a fall table setting? Or are you all about multi-purpose settings?