Colorado :: Hiking in Red Rocks Park

We often think about the kind of thing we’d be doing if we weren’t working at our day jobs. For me, almost all the time, it’s photography. Or food. Or taking pictures of food. The best of both worlds, you know? But my friends reading this can probably attest to the fact that if I’m not at work, I probably have my camera in my bag and I’m ready to shoot something.

Because of that, Scott has encouraged me to shoot more RAW images from our adventures so that he, in turn, can use his VFX skills to prep them up so we can make art for the house. Some of our pictures, we’ve printed as is. Others, he’ll add something fun, like the Millennium Falcon or a Transformer. But it gives us a little bit of art with personality.

During our recent trip to Denver, Scott’s folks took us up to Red Rocks Park so that we could hike around and get some fun shots. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for getting outdoors and hiking, even if we had a significant altitude adjustment to deal with!

Red Rocks is a Denver Mountain Park known for it’s gorgeous red sandstone. It has also been called Garden of the Angels and Garden of the Titans, but to the locals, it was always Red Rocks, and that’s what stuck. It’s a more humble name, but at least that keeps it from being confused with Colorado Springs’ Garden of the Gods.

The amphitheater in the park is an amazing venue. As we hiked through, we could hear musicians warming up in the gorge for a concert happening later that evening. That was enough to add hearing a concert at Red Rocks, especially an evening one with a sunset in the mix, to our wish list for our next trip out to Denver.

With all that, we think we have some contenders for house art out of our shots! We’re looking for something for our media room, something with a rustic flair that would go with the lodge theme we have going in there. These three are my favorites.

We love the mix of rock and sky in the first and third ones, but I really like the way the city of Denver is peeking up over the rock in the middle one.

Once we pick a good one, we’re still going to have to find a good way to print it. We’re thinking of doing it as a large triptych, either on framed canvas or on glass. But we’ll see what the options are and how affordable they are! Let us know if you have any suggestions!

We are considering going with White Wall and getting these photos printed under acrylic. Have any of you worked with them before?

We’re linking up with Lauren, Van, Isabel, and Marcella for Wanderful Wednesday! Come on by and say hi!

Do you guys have a favorite shot? How should we get it printed?


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  • Denise Vermillion

    I would REALLY like to see a post with the Millenium Falcon and Transformers pictures!

    • Haha! I should get those from Scott and showcase them here!

  • Love these photos! I just started making myself shoot in RAW too! I do like that it gives you the ability to edit the heck out of a photo.

    • Thanks so much! There’s so much potential with a RAW photo. I don’t know half of the things I probably should about editing – but the nice thing to is that once I learn more, I’ll still have the RAW photo to go back to and edit!

  • Uhh, my husband will love to hike here!! So beautiful!

    • It’s gorgeous and really easy to access from town!

  • Interesting because I’m pretty sure I asked myself just last week, what I’d be doing if I wasn’t working at my day job!! Beautiful photos!

    • It’s a question that comes up often – and it helps me evaluate my skill sets. I’m good at what I do and I like it at the moment, but I know I’m not going to be doing it forever. So what else would I want to do or be good at? Just in case I do ever decide to quit my job and travel the world 😀