One More Marathon :: Staying Fit While Traveling

It’s not an easy thing to balance all the time we spend on the road and staying fit for all the races and other fitness competitions I like to participate in. Especially when it’s work travel. You don’t have much time to get out and explore, let alone spend the time you need to working out.

And with a marathon coming up and just as many trips, both for work and for fun, I don’t want to risk falling behind in my fitness. I definitely have to make the most of the time I have to work out and make good fitness decisions.

Here are some of the ways I try to keep in training while I’m traveling. And yes, I say “try to.” I do better at sticking to my plan on some trips than others. No one’s perfect.

Keep an Eye on Your Nutrition!

Honestly, managing your nutrition is the best gift you can give yourself when it comes to health and fitness. You can get away with not working out far better than you can get away with eating a lot of unhealthy food. Overcome the impulse to just grab something quick and fried or to indulge in something extremely rich because it’s a local favorite recommended by everybody. As a foodie, I totally understand that Foodie FOMO is a real thing. But you just can’t indulge every meal

Here’s a recent post I wrote about how to eat healthfully while on the road!

Don’t Get in a Rut. Get Out and Explore!

If you’re at a conference or workshop, it’s easy to get into a routine. Breakfast, sit and listen to presentations all day, happy hour, dinner, maybe a little more work in your hotel room, shower, and bed. Next day, wash, rinse, repeat. But if you do that, not only are you missing out on opportunities to see more of the place you’re visiting and learn more about your colleagues there, you’re missing on opportunities to stretch your legs and burn some calories.

You can cover a lot of ground, both in terms of exploring and health, by walking. If time and space in your suitcase are both tight, shove in a pair of walking shoes and go exploring during your lunch break. Better yet, take some new friends with you, go rambling, see the sights, and find a healthy spot where you can get a quick and delicious local snack!

You might like some of these ideas for exploring on a work trip!

Running is a Great Way to Play Tourist!

If you can cover a lot of ground by walking, just think of what you can do if you run! I love lacing up my shoes and heading off to explore landmarks and scenic vistas when I’ve got a break in the day. Not only do I get to see things I might not have seen otherwise, but I get to stretch my legs and burn some calories. And it helps my overall energy level, too. Something about just sitting around and trying to stay focused drains me like nothing else!

Make room for your running gear in your suitcase and take the time to get out there and go. If you’ve made local friends at your destination who also run, see if they’ll take you on one of their favorite running routes or get their suggestions for where to go. We had a blast running with our colleagues out in Ottawa recently, up and down the canal and through their beautiful parks, and one of my favorite adventures is still exploring Sydney by running.

Here are some running tours and tour agencies we recommend!

If All Else Fails, Exercise in Your Hotel!

Depending on where you are, you might not have time – or you might be in a location, as we were when I was in Bangladesh during the political protests – where it isn’t safe to go running around your hotel. That’s okay. Working out at your hotel is still a great option!

If you’re not able to use the gym or if there isn’t a good one, you can do a number of different things:

  • Go make use of the stairwell for a good stair workout
  • Go through an energizing yoga routine
  • Do body-weight resistance exercises, i.e. pushups, sit-ups, and squats
  • Try a hotel workout routine like this one from Collette Stohler {it’s a little older but I still use it a lot}
  • Bring a jump-rope in your bag and start skipping

How about you guys? What are your favorite ways to stay fit on the road?


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