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My amazing mother-in-law is a realtor. As I’m hoping to get into real estate when I hang up my uniform for good, and we both absolutely love home design and renovation, that gives us a lot to talk about when we visit. And a few adventures to go on!

So when we visited my in-laws in Denver last week, she suggested we go check out the 2017 Parade of Homes. That sounded like an awesome idea to us!

The Parade of Homes is a Denver home show and home staging tour. There are over 60 beautifully designed model homes in the lineup, all the way from the Denver metro area down to Castle Rock. It’s a great way to see what some of Denver’s best artisans are creating and, with some beautiful staging help from American Furniture Warehouse, how they’re showcasing Colorado’s natural beauty and traditional styles.

We’re also considering Colorado as a potential next home for after my retirement from the military {provided that dream job at Disney doesn’t magically materialize, of course}, so the Parade of Homes was a great way to get acquainted with Denver’s beautiful neighborhoods.

We decided to focus our trip on Castle Rock, just a little bit south of Denver proper. It’s an easy drive to all our family in Littleton, an easy commute to Denver proper or even to Colorado Springs if we go that route, and there’s just about every amenity we could want out there.

And, as the Parade of Homes showed us, there are some absolutely beautiful homes!

Here are just a few of our favorite features from the tour!

Doesn’t the pillow party going on here make you want to curl up and call it a day?

We absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous wrap-around deck on the house off Crimson Skies Road. How perfect of a name – and how perfect of a viewpoint – is that for Colorado?

If I could figure out how to take this standalone soaker tub with me, I would.

This laundry room is too charming. I’m thinking about jars like this so we can DIY our laundry soap or buy in greater bulk, too.

This is designed as a youngster’s room, but I totally need these anchors and shark pillows in our room, too.

If you aren’t squealing with joy over the cuteness of this little elephant nursery, we can’t be friends.

The landscaping at all the homes on the tour was amazing! We love these ornamental grasses and all the native Denver plants being used throughout the designs!

I keep thinking that we have to be careful about using too much wood in a room. But the Parade of Homes featured this gorgeous study, and they pulled it off just fine!

Speaking of gorgeous studies, look at all the beautiful light coming into this room!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to reorganize our kitchen so it’s more usable – and this one shows you can line up your fridge and ovens even with a corner and not have unusable dead space.

But if I ever had a kitchen dream, it’s this one. I love the lanterns, I love the stove, and I so need a pasta faucet in my life. Who doesn’t?

Most of the houses on the tour were in the $400K – $600K range, except for this one. This is the one you go into as if the Property Brothers were showing you all the things you love before dropping the real cost on you. You just have to remember that with some crafty design and elbow grease, you can have those same features in your fixer upper home. Right?

Well, that’s what we’re hoping for. Although I don’t think I have room for the wine cellar this one has!

Out of all the houses we saw, the last house, coming in at the $300K range, had the best view. We would totally trade square footage for this view, wouldn’t you?

Don’t judge us if one of our favorite things about Castle Rock was the Red Robin. This milkshake was the bomb! Do people still say “the bomb?” You know, never mind. I’m old enough to not care what other people say. It was the bomb.

The Parade of Homes Denver

  • Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • Website
  • The event is wrapped for this year, but watch for it next summer!
  • It’s totally free to the public.
  • And you can buy the homes!
  • You can buy the furniture, too, at American Furniture Warehouse.
  • Parade of Homes is produced by the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver.

So, who wants to head out to Colorado with us next summer for the next Parade of Homes tour?

P.S. This post is not sponsored in any way by Parade of Homes or American Furniture Warehouse. We took the tour on our own and had a great time seeing beautiful design, and thought you would like it, too! We did enter the Parade Inspiration social contest and win, but we only just found that out yesterday and it does not impact any of the opinions expressed in this article.



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  • I have always wanted to go on a home tour like that. Every so often they do a Garden Parade thing, where you can peak into the backyards of all the fancy houses in Richmond, and they do the same thing around Christmas too, but I always seem to be gone or too busy to go. It’s just neat to peak into other spaces, whether they’re staged or lived in.

    • I couldn’t believe how many different houses they had – I think it was a total of 60 homes. That’s why we just picked the one area. In some places, you can walk from house to house, but you had to drive from neighborhood to neighborhood here, too.

      When do they do the Garden Parade? That sounds awesome! I love seeing all the fancy houses and stealing ideas for ours.

  • That standalone bathtub is EVERYTHING!!! I would take a bubble bath everyday if I had one of those. Having a double oven is another must-have in my dream house too!

    • I am all about soaker tubs, but I just love how deep that one is! It’s not easy finding a tub deep enough so that all your, ahem, parts aren’t sticking out in the cold. With you on the double oven. Trying to figure out a place to build one into our house – and one to buy that won’t break our bank. I still can’t figure out how they’re smaller than standalone ovens and still more expensive :p

      • Yes, I need a tub that is deep like that one and long enough to stretch out my legs. I’m sure my dream tub is going to be as expensive as that double oven.

        Isn’t it crazy how expensive those double ovens are?! Who wants to pay for 2 ovens that together are the size of 1?! LOL

        • It really is crazy!! Samsung has a dual zone oven that might fit the bill instead – you can open the door in one part or two parts, separate the oven itself, and it’s way less expensive than the double wall ovens. Although…double wall ovens. Sigh. I am part of the problem.