Rustic + Cozy :: Guest Room 2

Rustic + Cozy :: Guest Room 2

While we still have a lot of improvements planned for the Big Brick House, we’ve been busily knocking out some of them in preparation for hosting our family Thanksgiving this year. It turns out that hosting was a great impetus to get us to finish off our second guest room, Scott’s office, and decorating the guest bathroom {which still needs a big overhaul, but hey, baby steps}.

The Big Brick House is, well, big. We’ve got a lot of rooms and while we’ve made good use of them, the second bedroom upstairs hasn’t been one we paid a whole lot of attention. Most of the time, our guests have come in ones and twos and they’ve enjoyed using our B&B inspired master guest suite – which has really been like having a second master. We didn’t even have any furniture in the other room until Scott’s folks downsized and gave us their bedroom set. We moved our old bedroom set up into the guest room and…it sat. And sat.

Until this past weekend, when we brought out the brushes, mitre saw, Ryobi air strike, and other tools, and went to town on the guest room and Scott’s office. We’ll be sharing Scott’s office with you when we get his new desk and shelves installed and decorated, but for now, we’re sharing what we did with the guest room!

To really appreciate what we did with this room, let me go back in time and show you a couple of Before pictures. Let’s start with what this room was in the beginning…

And yes, this is the only Before image I took of this room. Because it was…really just that uninteresting. It was just a plain room with plain beige walls and plain beige carpet that didn’t seem to have all that much going for it. I should have taken more Before photos, but what would they have been of? Blank beige walls? The room personified boring.

Once we decided to move our bedroom set up there, the beautiful rustic red oak bedroom set Scott has owned since he was a newly commissioned baby lieutenant, that set the tone for things. We knew we were going to go a little more rustic with this room than we had with the baby blue guest suite. And we felt like the Behr Clary Sage we’d used downstairs would be a good match.

We shoved all the furniture into the center of the room and painted the upper half of the room Behr Clary Sage. From 36″ down, we painted the room Behr Ultra Pure White. This has been our normal procedure in rooms where we install our box moulding a.k.a. board and batten a.k.a. chair rail a.k.a. wainscoting. Whatever you want to call it, we’ve been using it throughout the Big Brick House and it’s a great way to use a bold color in a room without fully committing to it. I mean, you get the rustic wood, the bold color, and the farmhouse white all in one room. To me, it’s perfect!

It takes a lot of painting and caulking – and then repainting and touching up. The edges still come out a little rough, but that photo above shows all the caulk lines still. With a little green touch up paint, I made all those go away later, I promise!

We’ll include our full tutorial on the box moulding when we share Scott’s office – all the progress shots we took are in there!! – but in the meantime, here’s how it turned out in the guest room – and how the room looked once we decorated and warmed it up for our soon arriving guests!

The sailboat art piece hanging over the bed is a special one to us. I made it from a sailboat we bought from Pier One and from pieces left over from the reclaimed fence feature wall project we did in the Aloha House. I absolutely love that beautiful weathered silvery wood, and it was wonderful to have a little bit of that we could bring with us when we moved.

We can’t wait to see what our guests think of this one!

Oh, and because you know I love these, here’s the before and after look!

Just add paint, MDF board in 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch, and 5-inch for the board and batten, and furnishings for this easy weekend transformation. Okay, I say easy, but it wasn’t all that easy running all the pieces and equipment up and down the stairs for this! Still, we’d say it was worth it!

We are always inspired by our travels, and this one B&B experience really shapes a lot of what we do here – go check it out!

What do you guys think of our guest room update?

  • There really is nothing like impending visits from guests to get us motivated to get a house together. I feel like most of my big house projects have been tackled in the early weeks of November in advance of Thanksgiving. The guest room looks great!

    • Thanks so much! Yeah, that has been the primary motivator for a lot of our home improvement projects. We raced to get our Hawaii condo done before we had a month solid of visitors, and it seems like most of our major projects here have been completed right before the holidays 😀