The Sunday Currently, Vol. 7

Hello, friends, and happy Sunday!

We’re back from our adventures in Louisville, Kentucky, and while we revisited some favorites, we also went exploring with my sister and uncovered some new hidden gems that we’re excited to share with you! Watch for those coming up soon – or once we finish talking about Monterey and Ottawa, at least.

Funny that this was going to be the year where we didn’t travel all that much, but spent more time exploring our new home in D.C. Because we have a whole bunch of trips and adventures coming up on the near horizon! It’s exciting to be on the road, but at the same time, I’m really craving some time to turn the Big Brick House into a home. I felt we had more of a chance to do that with the Aloha House. Now, it just feels like we’re sandwiching a little bit of home renovation in between trips and not really giving it the attention it deserves.

We’ll just have to work on finding the right balance for us.

In the meantime, here’s what’s happening!


  • Making: Um…very, very, very light food. The military weighs us twice a year to make sure we’re within regulation, and I’ve found that the larger the margin between me and passing, the less hassle I get.
  • Planning: Our travel schedule for the rest of the year. We have some trips we have already committed to, some trips we might be able to pull off, and some that we really can cut from the schedule. I hate doing it…but we still have boxes we haven’t unpacked, and we’ve been in this house eight months. We need some home time!
  • Traveling: Home from Ottawa and Louisville this week, and off to Denver next week! See what I mean about planning some home time?
  • Running:  While you’re reading this, we’re probably out on the road still running the Race for Hope 5K in D.C. We’re running to help raise funds for a friend and mentor’s charity. See more here!
  • Listening: To a bunch of running podcasts to help us train for our marathon this October. That’s right. You heard it here first. OUR marathon. Scott is running his first marathon this year!
  • Watching: Jeez. Nothing this week. I hate to look at how backed up the DVR is at this point. We watch TV maybe one or two evenings during the week, if that.
  • Tasting: Test recipes for foods inspired by our travels. I have a couple fun recipes inspired by my California trip coming up soon, and I’m still trying to do right by poutine to bring some tastes of Ottawa home!
  • Wearing: Running tights and a sweatshirt. That’s becoming my home uniform these days, and it makes me less likely to talk myself out of my next workout. No, “Oh, I’m already in comfy clothes so I might as well relax” excuses.
  • Reading: Team of Teams by Stan McChrystal. It’s all about how to empower teams throughout your organization. The entrepreneur in me loves his ideas.
  • Loving: Scott. I know that’s a recurring theme around here, but I am totally, completely, head-over-heels in love with my husband. I love that he’ll get up early in the morning and come support me in the races I run, and that he’s getting excited enough about them to start running, too! He’s a gem.

So what are you all up to, currently?


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