The Sunday Currently, vol. 8

Hello, friends, and happy Sunday! And happy Mother’s Day!

After one very quick weekend at home with friends and running a 5K, it was back into the work week and then on a plane to beautiful Denver to surprise Scott’s mom for her birthday and Mother’s Day. Well…no one in our family is all that good at keeping secrets, so it was only a little bit of a surprise. But we’re still enjoying a wonderful weekend of family time, dining, hiking, and exploring in Denver!

So here’s what’s happening!


  • Making: Nothing at the moment, but planning lots of Denver-inspired meals when we get back home!
  • Running: Lightly. We’re in a mile high city, so getting used to the altitude is a big thing. We went running up the steps at Red Rocks the other day to take pictures and got a little dizzy, so we’re being more careful now.
  • Craving: Time to garden! I love my little herb pots, but I would love to have a vegetable garden and fresh flowers outside. Scott is busy at work designing a landscape plan for the Big Brick House, and I’m hoping we can start work on it soon!
  • Also Craving: Making a someday home out here. We’ve pretty much decided that Denver is going to be our next stop after D.C., but there’s a lot of time between then and now, and just as well – we have a lot of work to do to make it a reality!
  • Tasting: Some pretty amazing food. Denver’s culinary scene is awesome!
  • Wearing: Items from the travel capsule wardrobe that I’m going to tell you about tomorrow. It’s one of my biggest secrets to packing for weeklong trips in a carry-on.
  • Wishing: A very happy mother’s day to all the awesome moms I know. My mother, who has been my role model, my mentor, and my friend forever. My mother-in-law, who has never met a chaotic situation she can’t backseat drive into submission. My sister-in-law, awesome big sister to the both of us, cancer survivor, Wonder Woman. Our friends who have gone through the long hard path of adoption. Our friends who have brought their own children into the world. You are all amazing and we love you!
  • Loving: This city. Nature. Family. Life.

So how about you guys? What are you up to, currently?


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  • I do a monthly version of this, but love the idea od weekly as well. I sort of fill in the blanks with a weekly project update on Fridays, but when I complete the project, maybe I’ll move to a weekly currently!

    • I enjoy your monthly versions! Currently posts or snapshot posts are some of my favorites – they’re a glimpse into personal lives in a blog world that seems increasingly polished, professional, and distant. I do like the weekly as it gives me a place to drop all the little things going on or that I’m excited about that don’t quite qualify for their own post just yet, or haven’t quite blossomed!