What Are Your Autumn Projects?

What Are Your Autumn Projects?

This is our second autumn in the Big Brick House, and it’s feeling cozy and familiar and welcoming and we love it. I can only imagine what it will feel like after we’ve spent two more here, or maybe a half-dozen more. How we might learn the ebb and flow of the seasons and feel their nuances, and have a better idea whether or not the locals are actually right when they predict that this upcoming winter will be a doozy.

In the meantime, right now as I write this, it’s 72F out and sunny and we have all the windows open and beams of sun and shadows of trees are filtering all through the house, and outside we can hear the soft rustle every now and then of leaves falling as the birds hop and flit through the woods outside. I’m loving it.

I’m thinking, though, of what else needs to get done around here before these beautiful days give way to the chilly ones. After reading about it on Joy the Baker, I ordered a copy of the Country Living Home Almanac, whose collected practical knowledge on how to maintain your house in all seasons. To-do lists for indoors and outdoors. Suggestions for decorating. Safety information.

All the kinds of things the expert might tell you to do to prevent costly damage in your house, and all the things that make life a little bit easier if you know the seasonal rhythm of your environment and your house. It’s just what we need, especially after moving from a townhouse in a community where so many things were taken care of as part of the maintenance fee to a detached single family home in the woods.

For those who want expert advice, I really suggest you grab a copy of the book. For the non-expert list of things we really want to do around here in the fall, keep on reading!

Last year, I made a list and called it my fall bucket list. This year, I’m more inclined to see what kind of things we need to do to enjoy the new season! There are plenty of house and financial maintenance things to do along with seeing leaves and sipping hot cider and…okay, we’re going to add some of those fall bucket list things in here, too. Here’s our list!

Our Fall Bucket List for 2017::

  • Give the garage some love, make sure everything in it – cars, motorcycle, power tools – is appropriately protected and winterized, and make sure the insulation and weather sealing is sound!
  • Make cider donuts. My sister just gifted me an awesome donut pan and it needs to be used and used often. And ’tis the season for cider.
  • I have a super cozy super tasty recipe for buttery beer bread that needs to be revisited and rephotographed and shared with you all.
  • Restore the old rocker sitting on our front porch before the weather shows up and ruins it. Done – and we’ll show you how over here!
  • Finish the mudroom and protect the floor against water, dirt, and other tracked in muck.
  • Go on a hike or drive in Shenandoah during peak leaf, if we can get away and the weather cooperates! Or any of these other great places to see leaves!
  • Plant my tulip bulbs and start work on a spring garden.
  • Read up on what I need to do to protect my garden against weather. You can always count on Old Farmer’s Almanac for good information on things like this – and they deliver here.
  • Make gnocchi. I absolutely love those little bombs of potato-ey pasta goodness. Bonus if there’s brown butter involved.
  • Winterize my house budget and finances. Oh, this is definitely a thing. But it’ll take me another blog post sometime to explain how and why.
  • Find/build a firepit out back for some backyard coziness and marshmallow roasting.
  • Make scones. Scones and hot tea while wrapped in fuzzy blankets in the Adirondack chairs on our back porch are probably the most perfect thing I’ve ever experienced.
  • See a fall sunrise on the river.
  • Go taste-testing seasonal beers at one {or several} of our local breweries.

I think that’s plenty to get us started! Not to mention that before the end of the fall season, we’ve got plenty of hosting of dinners, brunches, and overnight guests at the Big Brick House, but we’ll make it all work somehow!

What’s on your to-do list this fall?